People’s Guide to Health Touts ~Magic Six~ Essential Oils


The People’s Guide to Health is recommending six essential oils for sore throat.

The community-inspired health portal is calling these ‘the magic six.’

These aromatic remedies, of course, do more than soothe inflammation in the soft tissues. Essential oils, part of the alternative health modality called aromatherapy, have been researched and used to alleviate a plethora of symptoms. Check out the National Institutes of Health review of literature here. It’s extensive.

Most of us, however, wouldn’t consider essential oils as a handy remedy for a sore throat. Yet, when you consider the cause of sore throats, you must understand that inflammation is a primary factor. Inflammation may be the underlying cause of all disease, according to many in the medical community.

Many questions might be raised:

• What scientific evidence exists to suggest inflammation causes disease?
• What role does inflammation have in a common sore throat?
• What causes inflammation in the first place?
• Do essential oils, in fact, reduce inflammation?
• If essential oils can reduce inflammation, does this action apply to sore throats?
• How does one administer essential oils in the case of a sore throat?
• Does breathing the aroma of a particular essential oil sufficient to reduce sore throat inflammation?

Given the many natural, over-the-counter and pharmaceutical treatments for an inflamed throat, will essential oils ever be considered worthy of the research required to establish it?

How should the interested consumer proceed?

At EcoVegan Blog, we say just experiment. Rather than wait for more evidence, get some essential oils and do your own research. If you love aromatherapy, a sore throat is another opportunity to apply it. If it works (barring the placebo effect) then you have your answer. And if you love aromatherapy that much, you may not even care if it’s a mere placebo!